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Unidentified Traffic Stopping Phenomena

There must be witnesses! Hundreds of them in fact.

Has an Unidentified Traffic Stopping Phenomena had you tearing your hair out while traveling on the motorways? As a driver and a Driver Trainer, I ask myself every day

Who is at the front of all of this?

Traffic Traffic everywhere!

Being in a car, stuck in traffic, gives me a lot of time to think. I really need to have a voice recorder ready to go as some of my best ideas come at these times. Traffic is a part of my life.

I want to ask you all a question. Have you ever witnessed somebody actually STOPPING their vehicle in the overtaking lane – other than if forced to do so due to an obstacle being on the road.

The search is on for a witness to these traffic stoppers. The overtaking lane is just that. When there are four lanes in total, and the three lanes to the left of the overtaking lane are all moving,

Why the heck is the overtaking lane at a grinding halt as if a red traffic light has caught them all!

Here are some possibilities

Theory. Someone in the overtaking lane has suddenly realised that their exit is only 200 metres away and they just have to move over the other three lanes, stopping traffic, to get to it before they miss it.

Answer. Take the next exit! The reality of it all is that only an extra few minutes will be added to your journey by taking the next exit and getting yourself to your destination – 7 minutes max! How do I know? I’ve done it – the taking next exit part not the stopping traffic so that I can cross lanes, stopping traffic in every lane as I go!

Theory. They have forgotten that they are on the motorway in a 110kph zone and take their focus from the road to a phone call, a crying toddler, a nagging partner – any sort of distraction really – and they hit the brakes, leaving a gap for others in the lane to their left to fill, they panic, hit the brakes harder and the domino effect results in all other vehicles behind them having to brake or else risk a crash.

Answer. Although far=fetched, is this what is happening? I am letting my imagination run wild here.

Witnesses step up! Use the comment section below! If you have been at the front of the Traffic and caused the braking and stopping – please explain.

Trip planning might be a way to help ease traffic congestion on our roads. But are we all just too busy to care? For Queenslanders, here is a great resource just in case you do care:

Plan A Journey

The mission is to solve this mystery before I die so take your time. I’m not going anywhere. It will be a story to share with the grandkids for sure!

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  1. Hey Sonia, it is the phone talkers and women putting on makeup while driving that annoy me. People take a lot of risk on the road. Interesting topic I have not been a contributor to the road hot mess but I sure have gone through traffic very slowly and wondered what on earth is going on. This usually ends up with getting to the end and all signs of trouble have been removed. Great post!

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