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Just another Wednesday in my Life as a Noni

Today started out just as any other Wednesday does in my life.

I got up early (although not as early as I was supposed to as I slept through the start of my alarm!) as Wednesday I am Noni. Wednesdays I look after my little granddaughter for the day while my daughter works full time in childcare. She starts at 6.30am so I am up at 5am usually.

This was my choice. I wanted to give myself a break from working as I was running out of the house 7 days a week to work and was not giving myself any time out at all. So by doing my daughter a favour and having our baby two days a week (I’ll tell you about Tuesdays next week!), it has forced me to take time out from my own hectic working life. Win win!

So I get to my daughters place, just in time for her to leave for work I might add. It takes me a good twenty to twenty five minutes to drive to her house.

Our baby was still sleeping so I had a chat to my daughter about the tantrum performance of the night before and she touched a little on the differing parenting skills between her and her partner, our baby’s daddy. He shouts. She doesn’t. She has patience. He doesn’t. You get the idea?

Anyway, I said goodbye to my daughter (who I will call J from now on as it is easier) and went to the kitchen, put the kettle on, plopped an earl grey tea bag into a mug and then place a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster. Mmm. Earl Grey tea and honey on toast coming up while I relaxed for half an hour in front of the tv to watch Sunrise, our local magazine style morning news show.

Just as I was about to sit down, baby calls out ‘Ma Ma!’ I quickly stuff half a piece of toast into my mouth, gulp a mouthful of tea and head into the nursery. My little poppet wasn’t ready to get up to play yet so I made her a warm bottle of milk then went back to my tea and toast – without putting the tv on.  I checked messages and Facebook instead in the short time I had before going into the nursery to get my little angel up, changed and into the kitchen for breakfast consisting of vegemite on toast with a small juice on the side. Before anyone rouses me about the food, this little angel is fussy and has never liked cereal since it was first introduced to her – and we have tried every type of cereal!

Fussy eater?

The infant rice cereal? Fully spat, refused to let near her lips after that and we persisted with offering it every day! Oats, same. Weetbix – no way! As she got bigger we offered some of the more sugary popular and highly advertised options for a ‘breakfast’ food. Still didn’t want to know them. So toast it has been since she has been old enough to take in little cubes cut from it. Always with some fruit (pureed when little) and or yoghurt, milk and juice. Fussy eater? Not really but just some flavours and textures just don’t sit well with her. Not going to force her. Nobody wins with that scenario.

Now, where was I? Oh that’s right. Little poppet now up and about, not eating her toast but I’m not worried as she has just guzzled a full bottle of milk. I watched her explore the play room, walk into the kitchen and shout at me to get her some water in a ‘big girl’ cup as she does. But before she yells at me, she has already emptied her mothers plastics cupboard and managed to get a bit of vegemite on my iPad screen!

After mopping up the tiles which have been watered during bubbie’s attempt to drink her water, we finally become interested in the vegemite toast along with hearing Noni read from her favourite pop up style reading book about a rainbow.

After some quality time together learning counting and colours, I get her dressed in a little play suit. Getting a bit small for her so I affectionately call her thunder thighs and persist with getting the press snaps done up to cover her nappy. She isn’t telling me off or complaining so satisfied that she is in clean clothes for the day, we head out in the car to go to the shops where her new word for the day becomes ‘Tosser’ as Noni tells off inattentive drivers on the road! It is a nicer word than the first two she learned when we were out together about six months ago and I hear a little voice from the back seat saying ‘Dip Shit!’ I had to fess up to J about that one in case baby used it again when out with her!

After letting my poppet give the $20 bill to the service station attendant, she waves her little arm until it almost pops out of its socket shouting BYE as we leave.

The shops are her favourite place to go – and not because she gets anything at all, simply because there are new faces to look at, usually frown at but occasionally she will smile sweetly but the funny little thing will not say a word to strangers except ‘Bye’.

When we got back home, J arrived to join us for lunch. We enjoyed a tasty tuna and pasta bake followed with Jelly, fruit and ice cream. Once J went back to work, I put our little poppet in her cot for her afternoon nap. Finally got to have some time to myself to indulge in a favourite pass-time – checking out who is saying what on Facebook. And that is when my day became extraordinary.

I came across a video in my feed posted by a lady I became friends with about 3 years ago I think.

This video is the reason that you are reading this post today. My friend, who is incredibly kind and very wise spoke to me through her public video. A light bulb went off inside my mind! All of the fuzz of the past 3 years has been blown away. She spoke of blogging. Stating that a lot of bloggers write about techy stuff, how to get the most out of social media for business, how to do this that and the other – all stuff that I had been using my blog for. My wise friend gave me this message.

Your Blog Should Be About You and Who You Are‘.

So, although this little article is purely about one day in my life, I hope that you can read between the lines and see WHO I am, not just WHAT I am. Thinking long and hard about what to write to explain ME. I know WHAT I am. I am a mum, a Noni, a driving instructor, a karaoke host, a singer, a music lover. A person who loves to read, colour in, write, knit, crochet, learn new things, spend time outdoors. Gazing at nature and admiring views. Excitement bubbles around extravagant homes and beautiful new cars. Nice hair and dressing up are pretty important. I enjoy meeting people and the love I get from those that know me and the immense pleasure I get in giving love to each and every person that comes into contact with me.

I am a giver, a carer, a worker. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt and a friend. I am a vessel of joy.

Knowing everything that I AM is helping me find again WHO I am. And this my friend is just the beginning. My theory is that WHO I am is my philosophy. What makes me tick. What keeps me going. Why do I do what I do and what makes me good at it. That is WHO I am. Putting it into words though is tough. I hope that by writing about what I do on a regular basis, the answers will come. I have been so busy being many things for many people that I have lost who I am. What I am is never questionable as there are labels for all of those things.

I’d love to know if you know WHO you are. What is your philosophy?  Have you been able to maintain your authentic YOU throughout your life or discovering new additions, learning about yourself along the way.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back again soon :)


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  1. Nice. Enjoyed every moment of your share. But I have to admit it led me to thoughts of my grandkids and the moments that we get to share. Miss them like crazy. 6 months is a ling time to be away. Loved the humor and insight into the personality of your granddaughter general. LOL. Kids can be so bossy well at least the ones I know can. I look forward to your journey and I have to say My philosophy has been an ever changing thing. I have been on a journey of who am I, For a long time. My younger years were ones of innocence stolen. This led to the belief that the real me must be suppressed, hidden because if people knew the real me. I would become an outcast, someone to be shunned. That belief lasted through my teens and early 20’s. I decided that in order to get better I had to be the one to find the answers and get the help. Which I was able to do. Today I still strive to become a better person. Personal development is an integral part of my philosophy. It is why it is ever changing as I tweak it and myself in the process. Thanks for writing this and thanks for being part of journey of me. Your articles and shares always give me more food for thought. I appreciate you immensely and am glad that I can call you a friend.

    1. Doreen thank you so much for being a part of my life and sharing a little of your journey here too.
      I believe it to be true that our philosophy does change as we grow throughout our lives and meet different people, enjoy experiences that are new. I am so glad that you made the decision to find answers and get help or else we may never have met.
      You are going to get so much loving when you get home to your grandkids! I don’t think I could bare to be away that long but some day I will be taking that plunge as I do want to travel – and take my time doing it!
      Thank you for your kind words and I hope that you enjoy my next installment :)

  2. Hi Sonia,
    This is such a breath of fresh air! I’ve seen your previous blogs , the one on Pinterest, etc., and this is so much more real, honest, and raw. Look at ALL the things you can write about!!! Look at all the stories you can tell that are meaningful. If you can answer this question – what do you want to be known for – and focus on that this I really believe will bring the success you want. Wonderful Sonia.. wonderful .. much love to you.

    1. Thank you so much Lesly!
      I would never have thought about writing this way without your kindness and guidance. I hope that my stories remain interesting enough! I’ve never really thought of myself as having an interesting life but I’ll keep writing and see what unfolds :) Love you loads!

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