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Jobseeker Kit Get Yourself Out There!

Being A jobseeker is pretty daunting.

Not knowing how to get your resume out there can be a barrier for some of our young people. Help your Jobseeker with a simple ‘Kit’ to make the task of visiting prospective employers a little less nerve wracking!

Today I decided to help one of my daughters with her quest to find work.

First, a little background story so you understand why I have to help.

I have twin girls. Beautiful people inside and out but unfortunately, not very academically inclined. They have never liked reading, write only when they have to and despite my efforts, have very low self esteem.

Being told by a school counsellor when the girls were in Primary school to go on a carers pension to look after them. Somewhat shocked at hearing this as they had developed well, reaching milestones appropriately and had good language skills. The well-meaning government school employee explained that they had comprehension difficulties.

This in itself confused me as I recall responding that they could understand and speak perfectly well. They replied that it was beyond that.

Tests had shown that although they could read, listen and speak, they simply could not process the information quickly enough to actually understand it’s meaning or context.

I persevered with keeping them at school with assistance,

I helped them at home and discovered that they could understand if there were alternative methods of showing them what was being taught.

The girls got through High School and were doing ok until half way through year 11. They were being bullied and didn’t feel as though they fit in. They had a couple of awesome friends but mostly they kept wanting to stay home, avoiding the conflict and humiliation.

I agreed to let them leave school if they could get jobs.

They had both had work experience through the school in two retail stores close to home. A supermarket for one and a variety store for the other. They excelled in the roles and were offered casual work respectively.

My girls had discovered that the visual merchandising and talking to customers, sharing their knowledge within their industries, was a skill that they could develop and to this day, they are both great workers, valued by customers – but in one case, not so much by the employer as her lack of hours implies.

So, here I am today, printing out resumes, writing a cover letter and packing them up ready for my daughter to go door knocking at some businesses that may value her three plus years of experience and perhaps be able to offer her more work than her current employer.

Along with a list of businesses to call on, instructions to write down the managers name of each business she visits and leaves an envelope containing her resume and letter. There are also instructions of when to follow up (I will also have to help her with what to say when this part comes up!).

Packaged up and neatly bound with a rubber band, I have named it the ‘Jobseeker Pack’!

What do you think? Do you have grown up children living at home without work or few hours. Do they have social barriers that are keeping them at home?

If we lend them a hand, and guide them along the way, the experience will be a lot less daunting and who knows? They might actually be able to leave home before they turn 30!

If you need a hand getting a resume or even some additional tuition for your Jobseeker my friend Monique of Exceptional Tuition and Resumes may be able to help.

I’d love to know your thoughts! Please comment below and share if you think this short story will help someone you know.

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