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The truth about Scam business operators

One topic close to home for me is SCAMS. Wherever you live, whatever you do, SCAMS are a desperate persons way to relieve you of hard-earned money with a promise of overnight riches – or are they?

I have always worked hard and affiliated myself with legitimate business models and people. Yet people close to me still accuse my ventures as a ‘scam’. Known to one particular couple of friends as ‘Soni’s Scams’ I no longer share with them anything that I am affiliated with. Not because I am afraid of their mocking, simply because they are happy with their thing and not willing to purchase products from me. I have only ever offered them consumable products that would be beneficial to their health.

So, why do they believe that what I am involved in is a SCAM? simply because I do not have a shop front, employees and a massive bank balance. They have never seen any business presentations nor do they ask exactly how my businesses work.

Now, I contract to these friends, I spend approximately 13 hours of my time per week on their business, providing excellent service and maintaining their good standing in their particular industry. In return I receive about $15 per hour. They make money from the service I provide but pay me a set amount regardless of what they may receive.

I also contract to another service provider. I put in a lot of hours behind the scenes as well as representing their brand.

All up, just last week I worked 56.75 hours earning someone else money for their business. I was rewarded with approximately $17 per hour gross. I also spend another 22 hours helping my eldest daughter with her two children, babysitting and travelling.78.75 hours that I do not get to use doing the things that I would like to be doing.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what I do to earn income otherwise I would be out of there in a flash! I just wanted to put into perspective who is scamming who and the amount of my valuable time that I dedicate to these other ‘SCAMS’. You know, the ‘you only get paid a small portion of what is actually made because I own the business and I am making money by leveraging YOUR time so that I do not have to work as many hours’ SCAM.

In comparison, here is what I have learned about my ‘SCAM’ home business.

I consume a product. It tastes great and gives me a complete feeling of well being. Symptoms that I had due to getting older (aches and pains, slower getting started in morning, low energy) began to disappear. I then tell my friends about this product and ask if they would like to try it – no charge, no obligation. My friends try it, enjoy the taste and benefits as well and then purchase a months supply for their own consumption – and a bit more to share with their friends and family too.

I make a commission on the sale of the products – and if my friends sign up to receive the products at wholesale rather than retail, I get a little bonus for them doing that too as the company that supplies the product did not have to pay for advertising to gain a new customer. They pay me instead.

Repeat. My friend can do exactly the same and get paid exactly the same – for doing exactly what I did. I can not cap how much my friend can earn. If they get more customers than me, they will earn more than me. Simple. Monetary return for effort.

My income as a contractor remains the same rate regardless of how much effort I put in or how much I improve the good standing of the brand, how many referrals I send the business. Mmmmm….sounds like a SCAM to me!

There are many SCAMS to be aware of out in the world, both online and offline. Diligent research before signing up can sometimes protect you from falling victim to them however, some can be so cleverly marketed, made so tempting and virally attractive that you do not know you’ve been had until you play along for a while. Risks are a necessary process of searching for success and financial freedom. Making decisions that, despite your best efforts, end up being high risk, dead-end, no hope of ever seeing your money returned SCAMS are often so disheartening to some that they never attempt to even look at any other business models.

For entrepreneurs who are determined to change the lives of others, risks are simply an everyday occurrence. Live and Learn.

If you are an employer reading this, remember that your business would not even exist if not for the people who you employ to keep it operating. Never take them for granted nor think that a ‘same pay’ for everyone regardless of their efforts will keep valuable employees happy. They will be looking for ways to be recognised and to grow and stand out by themselves because they are not oblivious to their own worth.


Where are you at now? Are you helping others take holidays, get their beauty and fitness regimes all paid for while you are grinding along with little or no recognition and just barely living pay to pay? Or have you found that wonderful balance and freedom that comes from being able to attract an income that reflects your efforts and then some?



  1. Hey Sonia

    I feel your pain… I find good products and services or causes I’m interested in share them and get called a scammer or worse and I’ve learned that generally that is their problem.

    Name calling, quick and invalid assessments, these seem to go witj the territory..Open mouth or type face, display ignorance is how I perceive these folks.

    They are afraid because they do not have the courage to get up off the couch and do something.

    Live your life your way anyway!


    1. Hi Mary!
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving some wise words. I find that conversations with ‘naysayers’ are guarded and somewhat one- sided as I am always interested in someone else’ points of view but I get shot down when I voice mine!

      Being a listener is quite an effort and I am happy to live my own life, listening but not necessarily taking on board the negative stuff :)

  2. Hi Sonia,

    Hm, never heard a job described as a scam before – not that I can’t see the connection!

    Doesn’t it seem that people who need the most help, are also the most close-minded? Makes sense when you think about it. Long live freedom of choice…

  3. Hi Sonia,

    Your post really resonates with me! Been there, done that.

    I’ve been freelance for most of my life, but there was a short spell when I took a part-time job to help fund my son through uni. I liked the job and enjoyed it all the time I felt I was being recognised and valued. Then there was a “universal pay freeze” in the company. OK, these things happen. But the day I decided to leave and go back working for myself was the day my boss walked in and announced he’s got a brand new, flashy car that the company would be paying for (when they hadn’t been able to give the staff a cost of living pay-rise for a couple of years.)

    Not a scam…… but a bit of a kick in the teeth.

    However don’t get me started on the plumber who took money off me upfront to pay for parts and then wouldn’t come and do the job. Grrrr. He finally handed said money back to my tall son with my “granddog” barking VERY loudly in the background. I fear he’d probably conned someone else out of the money to pay me back.

    Then there’s the dole claimants I was dishing out food parcels to when they they had better cars and phones that I did.

    Oh, I could go on and on about the times I’ve been scammed offline. Far more than online!

    Yet you, I, and many others working hard to provide for ourselves are somehow scamsters. No way!

    Sorry – rant over :-)

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy!

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. The article was ‘tongue in cheek’ to provide insight into different points of view. Scammers are becoming more prevalent as more people become familiar with technology but I have also heard of ‘those’ tradespeople who are less than honest.

      May we remain united and strong with our values and continue to provide value to those that see the value in us and bugger the rest!

  4. I’d say anyone promising overnight riches is stretching the truth or running something unsustainable. Any commission based activity takes time and effort, as well as a learning necessary skills. Some legitimate companies got a bad name because of people pushing friends and relatives to join them. Times have changed because of the internet where you can find those interested in what you’re selling.

    1. Hi Sue,

      So so true. I do not push anyone into joining me and my success is taking a longer time but at least I know that the people who do want to work with me will stay and that is the key.
      My reference to other traditional businesses leveraging my time and effort to line their pockets still stands though and that is why I am now fully self-employed. Although it is much harder, the rewards are far greater. Self motivation = self satisfaction and I would not go backwards from here :)

  5. Hi Sonia.

    You are so right. It can be difficult to know which business is real and which is a Scam but as you brilliantly shared, diligent research makes the difference.

    I see that most people think your business is a scam. Looking at the hours you work , I am surprised. You sure are doing a legit business .
    Thanks for sharing. Take care

  6. I have had people call what I do a scam and then come back later complaining they have been scammed. Weird isn’t it that the lazy want something for nothing will call you a scam when you ask for compensation for what you do. My pet peeve is elderly Thanks great article.

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