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Uber Driving is it safe for girls?

Uber driving is becoming more popular every day.

So is it safe and can girls do it?

There are many occupations that women do and nobody questions any more whether or not ‘girls can do it’. Driving jobs have traditionally been occupied by men. Buses, Trains and trams, Taxis, delivery vans and yes, Uber too.

It is unfortunate that there is a minority proportion of evil doers in the world who create scaremongering commonplace, often deterring women from some awesome opportunities.

I am an Uber driver and I love it!

I have only been driving for about 6 weeks but every single rider that I have collected and taken to their destination has been wonderful. Currently rated in the top 10% drivers, my riders obviously think I’m pretty cool too!

There are a few reasons to love working with Uber – yes, I am a partner not an ’employee’!

The Uber-x app makes everything so simple. I know that when I get a call through the app to pick up a rider, that Uber knows who they are and has all of their contact and payment details.

Uber pays on time and professionally every single week. I do not need to invoice them or anything. Everything is monitored and handled through their app.

Problems? Of course from time to time an issue may arise, a rider not show up or the wrong address entered etc.

Uber support is quick to respond and answers everything – nothing is too big or small. Every contact is handled with a friendly yet professional manner.

Do I feel safe?

You bet! And being a female driver, the ladies I pick up feel safe too – isn’t that great? A couple of times I have had a few ‘socially excited blokes’ needing to get home or to another venue but they have behaved themselves in my car.

All of my riders have received a 5 star rating from me and it looks as if they have reciprocated.

In March this year, Uber hosted their annual International Women’s Day celebration in Sydney (I hope there is one here next year!)

Many of the women who attended the Uber breakfast said they joined the platform to support their foray into small business. Read More….. 

I joined Uber as a way to keep paying the bills while I work on building my own small business and it has been working out perfectly!

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash – for Christmas, A holiday, to fund a new venture – then click HERE to go to the Uber site to check it out :)





  1. Hi Sonia, I had thought about becoming an Uber drive then my mom got sick and I became her caregiver. You certainly clarified the good points about it. I hope it is safe for all who do it. This is definitely a growing business around the world.

    1. Hi Lydia!

      Uber is indeed growing around the world along with some more ride share companies. There are also companies that have apps for delivery services, one of which I am looking into as Uber only has delivery service in capital cities at the moment. It is a fun and easy way to supplement my income that’s for sure :)

  2. Hi Sonia. I was very interested to read this post. I don’t live where I could be an Uber driver, but hearing that you do it and are not feeling afraid is great! I wish you many happy rides in your future.

  3. Hi Sonia. I was very interested to read this post. I don’t live where I could be an Uber driver, but hearing that you do it and are not feeling afraid is great! I love to drive and would seriously consider this if I lived in a city. I wish you many happy rides in your future.

    1. Hi Leslie!

      Uber driving is great fun and it’s a shame you don’t live in a service area. I do not live in the city but The Gold Coast is abuzz with tourists and a lot of people use Uber for trips to the bank, to get to work or home from school so it keeps me busy enough :)

  4. I find this post to be interesting as the idea of taking an Uber (or Lyft) comes up regularly in my daughters life. I am not comfortable with her taking a ride from a stranger and so she has not gained permission. I have taken Uber and had positive experiences but feel too protective to allow my daughter to take it.

    1. Hi Elise,
      I totally understand your concerns. I always worried about my daughters taking taxi’s. But since you can see who the driver is within the Uber app, you can cancel a driver if you don’t like the look of them and request another. More and more women are taking to Uber and I have been trusted with precious cargo on more than one occasion, as parents with the app book rides for their children to be collected from train stations or transferred between houses.
      But like with all things in life, there will be a minority that will abuse this trust and so always trust your own instincts about these things.
      Much love and thanks for stopping by :)

      1. Sonia, I agree that the most important thing is to trust your own instincts. It is so sad that a few can abuse something and make it difficult for all.

        As a New York California transplant I am really quite used to these types of transportation.

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